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Fitness Software

Fitness Software

EdStart Health and Fitness is an innovative software programme designed to improve the overall health of your pupils and teach the benefits of healthy lifestyles. Through fitness based sessions and theoretical teachings the programme aims to:

  • Improve children’s overall health
  • Build lasting positive attitudes towards health and fitness training concepts
  • Empower children to make informed choices surrounding their health as they grow
  • Achieve greater levels of sporting performance

Practical sessions target improvements across a number of components of fitness and progress is measured throughout the year using the software’s unique assessment tool. This quantifiable data measuring individual students progress can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of your school’s work and your sport premium spending.

A health and fitness programme that works for everyone

Whats Included

  • Detailed session plans to ensure your pupils complete 30mins vigorous exercise each session
  • Virtual Coach to demonstrate EVERY movement in the programme
  • Worksheets for classroom based learning on: Nutrition (Including food diaries), healthy liquids, sleep and rest and flexibility with resources being added regularly through app updates.
  • Comprehensive assessment data measuring individual pupil progress, class progress and whole school progress!