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Our Mission

Every child deserves an EdStart.

The electricity of your first match. The joy of your first dance. The thrill of winning, losing, celebrating with your teammates. That’s something every child deserves.


At EdStart, we believe sport is an endless source of inspiration for your brains and bodies. It’s a great way to kick-start wellbeing and build firm foundations for later life. And most importantly – it’s lots of fun!


We work to nurture and develop fitness, social skills, and positivity in every child, encouraging them every step of the way, through sport. No matter who you are, no matter what your skill level, eery child deserves an opportunity to play.


Every child deserves an EdStart.

Our approach is designed to make sessions fun and accessible to each individual child. Together we help children develop life-long positive attitudes to sports physical activity and healthy living.

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EdStart is all about inspiring people at a young age, helping to build strong foundations for later life.

So our brand should be inspiring too! The way we communicate should feel exciting and energetic, just like playing on the pitch or dancing freely.

Everything should also be underpinned by our belief in strong foundations. We should talk like the experts we are, sharing skills that benefit children today and tomorrow.

Ultimately, it’s all about giving young people the possible EdStart.